Skywriter Plane Screen Saver

Skywriter Plane Screen Saver 1.1

Surprise your family with a personalized smoke message

Are you always looking for a new and innovative way to give a message to someone? Are you tired of the same old greeting and birthday cards?
Don't worry. The answer is here.
Skywriter Plane Screen Saver will write your message with smoke right on your screen.

This very unique screen saver is a very different way to express your feelings. Now when you wish a happy birthday or want to say "I Love You" to that special person, or even if you just want to say something funny, you will do it with style.

You will see a little airplane, yet similar to the real ones, flying around your screen and slowly turning on and off a trail of smoke to write the letters of your message.

In some letters it will do some pirouettes to write circles and such. And it comes complete with the sound of the airplane as it crosses the screen.

Skywriter Plane Screen Saver has many configurable options to suit your desires. You can select among 5 different preset messages, or write your own ones. You can also choose among 5 different sounds for the airplane, increase or decrease the airplane speed, and even choose to display some funny characters between smoke messages.

You will surely attract many people's attention to the point that they will even stop to take a closer look at the tiny airplane and its smoke message.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very unique
  • Eye catching


  • You will not send messages 24 hours a day!
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